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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

1) Can anyone become a member and is the service Free of charge?

Any person who is sixteen or over may become a member of our Website. Yes, membership is completely Free! Agreement to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are required.

2) How do I get ranked as a "Most Visited Member"?

The members ranked as "Most Visited Members" are users whose site content, photos, albums, profile, get visited the most by 'other members'. It's a popularity contest and if you are someone who is populare amongst members, you will get ranked as a "Most Visited Member." A few things you can do to achieve this ranking are:

  • Edit your profile and aim to get visited by other users,
  • Upload photos from your visits to Margarita Jones that you think will attract other members to click on them,
  • Create Albums with interesting compilation of photos,
  • If your photos are attractive and they get selected as "Featured Photos," they you will have more visibility and will be visited more,
  • Become friends with other members, and interact with them, getting them to visit your profile and leave you comments,

  • 3) How do I get ranked as a "Most Active Member"?

    This has to do with how active you are on the 'community' side of our website and how much content you add to it. Do you upload photos very often? Do you visit other member profiles? Do you surf through the photos stored in our photo galleries? Do you leave comments?

    4) How do photos get selected as "Featured Photos"?

    The site admin decides which photos are more attractive and display people having the most fun at our venues, and thus, deserve to be set as "Featured Photos". The length of time that a photo may be set to 'featured' is up to the site admin.

    5) If I post photos not taken at Margarita Jones venues, will they be removed?

    We allow our members to create albums in our site to store their images. We would like that our members upload images taken at our venues, with their friends, having fun, etc. If a great number of images in a member's profile were not taken at our venues, they may get removed. This is all at the discretion of the site admin.

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